About Lillis

43 years as a skateboarder


Lillis saw a skateboard for the first time in his life 1977 and knew that moment that they wanted to be a skateboarder. It took them however one complete year to convince parents to buy a skateboard. Finally, the summer of 1978, Lillis stepped on them very own skateboard. Why skateboarding attracted so much they have no idea of, just knew that it was something they had to do, something that was already a part of life. These days Lillis talks about the freedom, the creativity, the expression of one’s self through skateboarding, integration of body and mind and pure and crazy fun. But back then in the late 1970’s, it was simply his destiny. And still is.

Lillis is also an aspiring actor and was part of a local theater group, Skokloster Teatersällskap, where them trained under the guidance of swedish actor and director Willy Tappert. Lillis has had the lead roles as Lars Hård in the play “Lars Hård” by Jan Fridegård and as Mascarille in “The Pretentious Young Ladies” by Molière and Jean in August Strindbergs “Fröken Julie”.

The debut in front of the cameras was for the pilot of “1251 – Folkungarnas tid”, where Lillis is portraying the 1300th century Swedish king Knut den Långe.

Summer 2011 Lillis had one on the lead in the independent short movie Svartmunkarnas Krönika – Codex Dei, working with famous Swedish actors Per Ragnar and Kim Anderzon. Unfortunately the film got stuck inte editing room due to financial problems. Lillis is still waiting for his break …

Being a fan of Star Trek, Lillis is happy to have landed the role as the android Commander Andrew in the Norwegian fan based Star Trek/Star Wars crossover movie Gatekeeper. Filming is scheduled somewhere in the future (hopefully not in a galaxy far away).

Lillis is also a very creative web and graphic designer and goes to great lengths to come up with the perfect balance between form, function and simplicity. Which also shines through his skateboarding.

Lillis works part time as a sales person at the sports store Stadium in Barkarby, Stockholm.

Lillis enjoy daily practice of Transcendental Meditation and Bikram Yoga, which they sees as a basis for everything else them does. And some other things is playing miniature figure games, card games and board games and enters tournaments (such as Heroclix). This is a new hobby for Lillis, and even though not doing as well in these tournaments as in skateboarding contests, Lillis is having fun and enjoying and love seeing how them improve the gaming bit by bit, and claim it is good for the brain. Another rather new hobby is collecting some comics from Marvel and DC.

Star Beat TV video


Freestyle skateboarding Contests highlights

1st World Championships 2011, Malmö, Sweden
1st World Championships 2000, San Fransisco, USA (tie)
2nd World Championships 2007, Vancouver, Canada
2nd World Championships 2006, England
2nd World Championships 2005, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2nd World Championships 2003, Germany
2nd World Championships 2001, USA
2nd World Round Up 2023, Vancouver, Canada
2nd U2R 2023, France
2nd NASS 2009, South and West Showground, England
2nd U2R 2023, Saint Yan, France
2nd Grand Prix Trocadero 2008, Paris, France
2nd Spon On Summer Classic 2008, Glendale, USA
2nd Venice Beach Contest & Jam 2010, Venice Beach, USA
2nd UK Round Up 2015, England
3rd World Championships 2018, Tokyo, Japan
3rd World Championships 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
3rd World Championships 2008, Brazil
3rd European Championships 2021, Brandenburg, Germany (world open contest, Lillis second best European)
3rd Japan Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2022, Chiba, Japan
1st Spot On Summer Classic II 2009, Glendale, California
1st Reverse Freestyle Open 2003, Sweden
1st European Championships 2005, England
1st European Championships 1987, Sweden
3rd European Championships 2021, Brandenburg, Germany
1st SKF Euro Cup 2990, Sweden
1st Chit Challenge, New Jersey 2001
1st LA Barrio Games, Los Angeles 2001
1st Swedish Championships 15 times (or more, Lillis have forgot…)
1st Swedish Cup, several times
3rd All Japan Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2012, Tokyo, Japan
3rd Paderborn World Cup 2009, Paderborn, Germany
4th Stockholm Freestyle 2016, Stockholm Sweden
4th World Round Up 2012, Vancouver, Canada
5th World Round Up 2015, Vancouver, Canada
6th World Round Up 2017, Vancouver, Canada
6th World Round Up 2016, Vancouver, Canada
6th World Round Up 2013, Vancouver, Canada

Guinness World Records

The longest One wheelie (manual) on flat: 39 meters
The longest One wheelie (manual) on flat: 68 meters, 54 centimeters
Most Dogwalks in 1 minute


Nominated for Freestyler Skateboarder of the year, 2010.

Hall of fame

Inducted in the Freestyle Hall Of Fame 2008.


Moonshine Skateboards
Seismic Wheels and bearings

Shows on television

Guinnes Rekord-TV
Adrenalin, TV4
Edge TV, ZTV
Lilla Sportspegeln
Talang 2009

Tours and shows

Skateboard show
Freestyle show
BMX Skolshow
Svenska Actionlandslaget
JC Easy Giving Festival
Swatch Rad tour


Shows at schools, shopping malls, festivals, clothing stores, sports stores, shoe stores, trade shows, kick-offs and more.

Workshops and skateboarding schools for beginners and advanced riders.



Lars Hård … LARS HÅRD … Lead … Skokloster Teatersällskap
Mascarille … THE PRETENTIOUS YOUNG LADIES … Lead … Skokloster Teatersällskap
Jean … FRÖKEN JULIE … Lead … Skokloster Teatersällskap


Johan … Svartmunkarnas brödraskap (short) … Cool Produktion
Knut … 1251 (pilot) … Yvonne Silversten Produktion and Leif Malm
Them … FLATLANDS … Documentary, Cooper productions


Willy Tappert at Skokloster Teatersällskap.
Svensk Amerikanska Stuntskolan: On-camera course.
Svensk Amerikanska Stuntskolan: Drama course.
Svensk Amerikanska Stuntskolan: Medival Swordfigthing.
AnneLee Wikner: Coaching and scene study.
Monica Pettersson: Consultant regarding lifestyles and dressing in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Special skills

Pro Freestyle Skateboarder (World Champion, European Champion and Swedish Champion), announcer, snowboarding, snowskating, skiing, Bikram yoga, meditation.