My final run at Stockholm Freestyle 2016

It was such a fun contest and with Per Welinder as the announcer it was extra exciting and fun! Skating with Pers voice in the background is so very inspiring!

Denis Sopovic organized the freestyle event, which was held at High Valley Skateworld at the same time as Bowlstock, Betongcupen and Eurocana reunion, so it was a very special weekend. For me, it was great fun to skate on more or less home ground (I live 1 hour from Stockholm) with lots of old freestyle friends watching. And having my friends Mike McGill and Steve Caballero watching my final run was very special and meant a lot o me. I actually skated freestyle with Steve Caballero at the Summer Camp in 1982. At this contest Mike McGill was going to enter the masters, but unfortunately his son got injured and they had to go to the hospital.

Thank you Denis for organizing this event and I can’t wait to next year! And thank you all freestylers that showed up!

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