A trip to Canada for boarding

Lillis at Rotary Skatepark, Vancouver Island.
Wrap around to Nohanded 50/50 Casper at Rotary Skatepark, Vancouver Island.

I had a great time in Vancouver, Canada first week of April. Went there for snowboarding with Kevin Harris but of course I brought my skateboard and we had a great session at Rotary skatepark on Vancouver island. The session became sort of a demo for the local kids.

Snowboarding in the powder at 7th Heaven at Blackcomb Whistler was awesome! Unfortunately I fell in the slopes at Washington Mountain the last day, and is now back in Sweden recovering.

Going back for the World Round-up in Vancouer in may and will most likely bring my snowboard again for a summer like session at Blackcomb Whistler. Hope I have healed until then…

Lillis and Kevin, Manning.
Snowboard session at Manning with Kevin Harris.

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