The second World Round-Up was a blast! I was there last year as well and it was so fun and exciting I had to go back this year, and I will most likely go back in 2014 as well.

The format at Round-Up is a bit different, with 1 minute runs instead of the 2 minute runs. Two runs in the qualification and three runs in the finals. I am personally in favor of the 2 minute runs as think that is where I excel, but variation between events is fun and it makes me practice a bit different and not always do run throughs of my 2 minute run.

I chose to have three different 1 minute runs, in case I would go to the finals, which was not easy, considering the high level of the many skaters entering. If I made the first run with no mistake I would then do the second run and so on. And I did in the finals both first and second with no mistake so I could do my third run as well. The third run was just “rapid fire trick-to-trick”, no spacewalks,  wheelies or footworks, a kind of skating I don’t really enjoy too much, but it was fun as an experiment, and it was only for 1 min. Longer, and I would get very bored and want to do my spacewalks and wheelies instead…

It was great fun to meet my friends from all over the world. Travelling to contests and meet my friends and hang out, skate and sightsee with them is probably the main reason that motivate me to go to contests year after year.

One wheel Tail Hook G-Turn

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