Last week Aj Kohn visited Sweden. He works for PSK8 with the Tip Technology and was here for business.
We met up for lunch and then headed to the Stockholm skatepark Fryshuset. And a few days later Aj stayed two nights at my place and we did some sightseeing and went skating at my little training facility, that unfortunately had a very slippery floor due to some other events that had been hold there a few days before. It bugged me a little as I wanted Aj to experience my place when it is at its best so we both would have as fun as possbile. But Aj adapted very well, and seemed to have fun on the slippery wooden floor.

First time I met Aj was in 2001 at the Chit Challenge freestyle contest in New Jersey that he organised. It was one of the first international contests since the introduction of freestyle contests back to the contest scene.

Throughout the years Aj has proven to be one of the top “hybrid skaters”, mixing freestyle with street, even though I feel he never has gotten the full credits for it that he deserves. After all, he has done this form of skating since early 2000.

Skating with him in Fryshuset, he blew me away practicing freestyle tricks on the banks and flat curbs. We also did some poolriding and skating the miniramp. Aj gave me some very usefeul tips on how to properly execute the Axle stall (he told me to put more weight on my back foot). After a while I nailed my line of Elevator drop, Axle stall, Axle drop and Rock’n Roll Into Faikie.

Outside my apartment, ready to go skate.

Lillis and Aj Kohn kicking it!

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