I have been thinking for a long time to put up a blog. As a web designer I started to think about designs, and how to make my own template. I am not too keen about using ready-to-use templates, but the blog never happened, except for in my mind. After having done some simple design changes to my Twitter and my YouTube channel I came to the conclusion that I don’t need to complicate it… I can focus on making unique designs for my personal website and my company Do less Distribution and for the skateboard brand Reverse Freestyle that I am founder and part owner of, but let the social media sites be rather simple and use the in-built design features.

In the future I might add a blog into the structure of my personal website. But there are also advantages with Blogger, as it is easy to set up, people are familiar with it, and I can do some basic design changes. And if time permits I can make my very own template.

Below is a photo of me at Southbanks in London. I was there in July 2010 for the London Film & Comic Con, meeting actors such as William Shatnet (Kirk in Star Trek), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica) and Anthony Robbins (Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space 9). Southbanks is a legendary place for skateboarding, and in 1986 I stayed in London for 9 weeks and skated at Southbanks almost every day. I really love London!

Double Tailhandlip at Southbanks in London. A legendary place for skateboarding.

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